Ironmind 60 Day 2

Wake up at 1130, had greasy lunch.

Spent time wisely on indoor wokrputs

Start zoom meeting request with friends. They love it. I like how I re-engage with them

Run isn’t to the max, still keeping at least 5km, want to move to 10km.

Like the casual drinking chatting night with neighbors and would like to have more of it, in whatever format.

Meditate requires me time, so prefer to have it in morning still. Feed your desire in early morning, then for others.

Ran 5km at slow pace. Rather than not running?

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Ironmind 60 Day 1

Difficult to wake up at 7am. Need to sleep earlier. Work on sleep therapy. Make coffee, breakfast and meditate calms me down and enjoy breakfast with nature is nice. Find myself quiet spot facing the sea. Meditation focus myself back to breathing less neck pain. No unnecessary pressure. Cold shower still can’t conquer. Cold face washing for now. Tabata took more than 7 mins dude. … Continue reading Ironmind 60 Day 1