Road to writing wine 1

Michael Broadbent MW dies at 92.

To be honest when I said I am interested in wine world, I literally am not. I wasn’t spending time reading decanter, wine spectate, nor I am reading trend drink business, auction price etc. There definitely has to be some effort and time put to know the famous names not only which wine you drink is good. That’s what passion leads. This time I knew this thanks to twitter that connects me back to the group of people with same interest.

Michael worked at decanter. His biggest contribution to the world is reviving Christie’s wine auction in 1960s, without having the vision that one day wine would become an investment.

He had written 433 column in Decanter, issued book called “wine tasting” at the age of 32. Another book called “The Great vintage wine” in 1980s with 15000 wine tasting notes that he has. This is from his collection of own wine tasting note on little red book since age of 29, now that he has 90000 tasting notes.

This inspires me that it doesn’t matter where your starting point is, to issue a wine book. 433 column is fascinating yet doable! How to twist and elegantly present a column is the key to work on.

Another inspiration is that collection or anything can turn into publication. I am more focused on how to organize the notes to deduce some conclusions out of it. Data analytics again I guess?

Going back to an old magazine is not as old. For someone so contradicting like me that collects magazine pages without reading a single with heart, time to discover what the generation loves about him in between lines again.

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