2020 Top 10 coffee place in Hong Kong

1. Craft – https://craftcoffeeroaster.hk/ A petit coffee shop with 10 seatings in Tai Kok Tsui. Apart from standard Espresso, Latte, Macchiato, they offer 2 Single origin of the day. Don’t look down upon these shops, with only 4 staff on rotation, 2 of them are championship barrister in Hong Kong. They are all cheerful and nice. Sometime hop-by during lunch, they recognise your favourite drink … Continue reading 2020 Top 10 coffee place in Hong Kong

Home activities

Working from home for 8 weeks… Sometimes even staying home for the weekend, sounds boring huh.

At some point I think I would have turned into lunatic zombie, in fact I start to find calmness at home and a lot more things to do, 10 things I have been doing:

Take care of yourself is the best response to those who cared about you.

1. Deep home cleaning – toilets bathtub kitchen, you named it. Sanitize, make it scented, folding clothes.

2. Throw away or think of the use of things at home. I am more of a minimalist / Marie Kondo believer. In between times how to live in an ideal home is really created by yourself. I love how organised and useful things are around me. Time to choose what to leave behind for the past and move on.

3. Digitize home. We are living in a home that installed most of the bulbs, air-conditioning, TV that is controlled via google home. Love this tech introduced by UK friend Carol.

4. Digitize myself. Next work in progress project is to load all the photos on internal server for easy retrieval and organize notes into digital form for analysis and deduced systematic way. Love how it would look like in future way of self improvement review.

5. Make latte art or yinyang at home. Inspired by looking at the barrister in coffee shop. I figured that I can do those kind of coffee art at home! All I got is espresso powder / filter coffee powder, a milk foam stirrer and a microwave or stove. Make espresso base, heat up the milk and stir up the foam, pour, voila! ~ That saves another few bucks!

6. Cook your own meal. Eat regular, eat healthier, eat cheaper. Shopping online for grocery becomes the new trend. You can be very cautious on the carbs protein fibre intake to just junks and snacks. Watching YouTube with lots of recipes you can find, compare to fine tune fitting your palatte, bake cakes, make soup, cook meals, the food lab is all yours!

7. Best meditate or calmness corner. I have carved out a corner that face the sea, place a mat, practice meditation for 10 to 20 mins, feel the nature and feel yourself with energy as a replacement of transit time to office.

8. Coffee shop vibe in “office area”. Make your own jazz vibes play list on Spotify, make your own coffee, stay chill and start your work. Make it feel like you are at working in cafe. Nice!

9. Create, decorate, produce. Time to do some art & craft or writing at home when you always struggle that you can’t stay at home drawing or writing much. Now no more excuse. Some models, lego, painting canvas bought, time to put them together, make an art piece and display. There are lot more you can create your ideal home where you spent most time in, make it worth.

10. Take a walk in the park, the beach, walk the dog. Get to a spacious wander get some fresh air interact with nature. Enjoy what the world has given you, appreciate and have gratitude in all the beauty you see.

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Ironmind 60 Day 2

Wake up at 1130, had greasy lunch.

Spent time wisely on indoor wokrputs

Start zoom meeting request with friends. They love it. I like how I re-engage with them

Run isn’t to the max, still keeping at least 5km, want to move to 10km.

Like the casual drinking chatting night with neighbors and would like to have more of it, in whatever format.

Meditate requires me time, so prefer to have it in morning still. Feed your desire in early morning, then for others.

Ran 5km at slow pace. Rather than not running?

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Road to writing wine 1

Michael Broadbent MW dies at 92. To be honest when I said I am interested in wine world, I literally am not. I wasn’t spending time reading decanter, wine spectate, nor I am reading trend drink business, auction price etc. There definitely has to be some effort and time put to know the famous names not only which wine you drink is good. That’s what … Continue reading Road to writing wine 1

Ironmind 60 Day 1

Difficult to wake up at 7am. Need to sleep earlier. Work on sleep therapy. Make coffee, breakfast and meditate calms me down and enjoy breakfast with nature is nice. Find myself quiet spot facing the sea. Meditation focus myself back to breathing less neck pain. No unnecessary pressure. Cold shower still can’t conquer. Cold face washing for now. Tabata took more than 7 mins dude. … Continue reading Ironmind 60 Day 1